Who, What, Why & How Filthy Thirteen is the next step and expected brainchild for Ben Alcock – founder, bartender and owner of Her Majesty’s Secret Service (HMSS) in Clifton, Bristol. After opening HMSS in mid 2015, Ben and the team have grown the bar and brand into a firm favourite of the ever-expanding Bristol bar scene. Filthy Thirteen takes its name from the real life Dirty Dozen – a bunch of World War II roughneck, reprobate, special-focus soldiers of some notoriety. They not only inspired a tale or two but also the occasional legal complaint from British landowners, as they liked to poach game from the surrounding estates before deployment. The original Thirteen were rough around the edges and didn’t care too much for the powers that be, but got the job done – and that’s the general mentality the team at Filthy’s take to their style of service and cocktails. Filthy Thirteen is a cocktail bar – nothing more, nothing less. It offers a liquor and cocktail selection larger than a Brabazon and food to match. This bottom-of-the-hill glimmer of urban escape is set in a rich, yet open, environment… and it has a cigar terrace. The cocktail list concentrates on simple yet bold flavour combinations, set in an urban environment paying homage to Stokes Croft and Bristol as a whole. The original crew of Filthy Thirteen liked their produce local, and so do we – Filthy’s will focus on sourcing as many of the best ingredients within the closest proximity. In a nutshell, what you should expect from Filthy Thirteen comes down to just whatever you want. Great music, drinks and general vibe. Questionable conversation with your bartender, or just a place to hide away and put your feet up. Whatever it is, XIII is the shelter from the storm. Make it Filthy. Read More