We always keep some space for walk-ups, but if you wanna play it safe (especially on weekends), we recommend reserving. We only accept bookings online and groups of up to 8. For any larger groups or private hires please enquire via email ( Sadly we can’t accept standing customers. Reservations widget below! 


The small print, you actually should read

So. When we book out a Saturday and the groups don’t show, well… that sucks. We’ll have turned away other bookings once full, and then won’t be able to accept walk-ups, either. Suddenly it’s real hard to keep the bills paid.

If you wanna book, there are rules. We don’t like them, but we basically can’t exist without them:

Bookings require card authentication. You won’t pay a deposit, but you will be charged £10 per head automatically if you no-show or cancel with less than 24 hrs’ notice.

Please don’t be awkward and ask us to swallow the cost – charging you for a no-show isn’t calling you a bad person, it’s just recouping (some) costs that we incur. We understand that sometimes evenings don’t go to plan, but we can’t be responsible for that. We know that’s awkward, sorry.

Having a phone in the bar just didn’t work for us – during the times for which people tend to book, we can barely get to it. Equally, we can’t guarantee we’d be able to receive notification on socials, so it’s kinda simple…

We hold your table for 15 mins past your booked time, any later than this and we have to give the table away to the next waiting guests and consider your reservation a no-show.  If you don’t like the sound of this or wanna risk all the faff and aren’t completely certain on your timings, that’s completely fair –  just play it cool with a walk in. We do our best to accommodate everyone that we can do.  On a nicer note, dogs are welcome too, as long as they are well behaved, of course!

Address: Filthy XIII,
208 Cheltenham Road,